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About Webinar Experts

Our broad and in-depth experience of working on all aspects of webinars makes WebinarExperts.co.uk the ideal partner for organisations of any size. For almost a decade, Webinar Experts’ Managing Director, Lev Cribb, has worked with organisations to improve their use of webinars. We don’t sell webinars, but Webinar Experts do help customers improve their output once they have adopted a webinar platform. In particular, we cover the following:

  • Webinar Programme Strategy – i.e. where do webinars fit into your organisation’s marketing strategy

  • Webinar Programme Design – i.e. what does an effective and successful webinar programme look like for your organisation

  • Tactical Webinar Execution – i.e. how can we carry the weight of the hands-on, day-to-day webinar delivery

  • Professional Webinar Moderation & Production – i.e. providing you with an experienced webinar host so your subject matter experts can focus on their content

  • Webinar Health Checks – i.e. assessing your existing webinar programme and creating custom recommendations for performance improvement

The goal is to ensure webinars are utilised to their full extent so that the Return on Investment is easy to see.

Get in touch to tell us how Webinar Experts can help you. We’d love to hear from you.

About Lev Cribb

Lev Cribb, Managing Director of Webinar Experts, gained much of his webinar experience working for the global leader in webinars, ON24 Inc. Lev was with ON24 during one of the company’s key growth phases. During this time he added many well-known logos to the company’s customer list. As ON24’s Head of EMEA Marketing Lev contributed significantly to the company’s growth and success in EMEA.

After leaving ON24, Lev joined leading hosting provider UKFast as Head of Enterprise Marketing, where he was responsible for the creation and development of the company’s webinar programme.

With WebinarExperts.co.uk, Lev now heads up a team of webinar experts to help more organisations gain the maximum value from their investment in webinars.

“Lev is a dedicated professional. Very inspirational to work with him. Experiencing his quick and sharp mind at work is most impressive. Lev’s ideas, skills, knowledge and understanding of dependencies made working on new projects a breeze.”

Stuart Perkins, Creative Director, 24/7 Webcasting

“When it comes to webinar marketing, Lev is as good as it gets. At ServiceNow, he brought a great deal of ON24 and programmatic expertise, structure, analytics and continuous improvement to the EMEA webinar program – taking it to the next level of impact on influenced pipeline growth.”

Kees Henniphof, Director EMEA Campaigns, ServiceNow