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Live Webinar Strategy Sessions at WebinarDay (26 August)

On 26 August, WebinarExperts are teaming up with Webinar Platform to deliver four live webinar strategy sessions. Lev Cribb, Managing Director of will run these live webinars to show attendees: How To Get Started With Webinars How To Attract and Build a Loyal Webinar Audience How To Gain Control Over The Audience Journey with Webinars The Three core foundations for webinar success at scale

How to record your video presentations

Great Live and Recorded Video Presentations rely on more than just your content. Aspects such as video, audio, lighting and room setup all play an important part. In this video, we show you some hands-on best practices for how you can create great video presentations for any scenario.

Podcast: Going Lateral… With Webinar Innovation

In this episode Lev Cribb, Managing Director of, looks at webinar innovation, i.e. how to innovate your webinars. If any of your webinar features or processes have remained unchanged for more than 12 months, it's time to review them. Now is the time to innovate, if for no other reason than to keep up with, or outpace, your competition. So how can you go lateral and begin innovating how you run your webinars? We look as aspects such as video, audio-visual tech, processes and webinar speakers, and webinar formats.

Podcast: Going Lateral With Lev Cribb… And Your Webinar Recording

In this episode Lev Cribb, Managing Director of, looks at how to do things differently during times of uncertainty - especially as it relates to recording your webinars and podcasts. There is a "new normal" for all of us and webinars are no exception.

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